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About us

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Coach Larrie, AdMac and Marta, Passionate about providing a high quality experience, with a smile!


Hello, my name is Adam MacAlister and I am the owner of AdMacFitness, which is a small independent business consisting of personal training, bootcamps and classes all in the community of Bow, E3, East London. The nearest tubes are Bow Road underground (5 minutes walk), Bow Church DLR (1 minute walk), and Mile End (10 minutes walk). 

At AdMac Fitness we pride ourselves on being approachable trainers who are willing to listen to our clients. I’m going to re-iterate that point, we’re not scary! AND we don’t expect you to walk into the studio as fit as a fiddle! We want to know about your background, lifestyle and the difficulties you may have had in the past with getting your fitness to where you would like it to be.

Most of our clients work tough jobs and don’t have a lot of free time, so the challenge is how can we help you with the time you do have. We’ll look at your week as a whole and see what things we can work on to make the difference with your fitness. In the studio we’ll focus on getting you stronger physically and if you have a goal to lose body fat we’ll ensure you are doing the right things for that to happen. Have a look at the gallery section to see some of our amazing transformations.

The other side to embarking on a personal training journey is the potential improvements you can experience with your mental health. Some of the best testimonials we’ve had are related to how the training has helped alleviate depression and got people through difficult circumstances in life.

To book in a trial, no obligation personal training session send an email to or if you would just like to have a chat, feel free to call me on 07921465108.

My background

Having completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in the field of Sports and Exercise Science I went on to do a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Physical Education (PE). After teaching Secondary School PE for five years in London, I left to coach football in America. During my time working for a club in Massachusetts I began doing strength and conditioning work with the players and on my return to London I made the decision to use my experiences in teaching, coaching and my degree - and setup a personal training business. At first I loved the job as I was surrounded by fitness everyday, as i’ve got older I actually enjoy the social side to being a PT. I like understanding people and building relationships and friendships and i’ve realised this means i’m in a better position to help people.

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Marta’s specialist piece of equipment is the barbell. She is an excellent coach of the squat, bench press and deadlift and also enjoys coaching the Olympic lifts. Marta has a lot of experience working with men and women and comes with an extremely professional attitude towards being a personal trainer. She is currently studying to become a post natal specialist.

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Larrie is an experienced PT who has worked in London for a number of years. Larrie has amazing enthusiasm for the job and is interested in the role the mind has when it comes to being consistent with ones fitness endeavors. She likes to practice strategies involved with mindfulness and uses these skills within her approach as a personal trainer. During training sessions themselves Larrie is a hard taskmaster and will look to get everything out of a client that is realistically possible.

Bow E3 Victoria Park Personal Training London