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Personal Training

We train people in a private studio in Bow. The most common request from clients is always some kind of transformation, be it losing 5 stone or just trying to lose a bit of belly fat. If this is the request then of course it is always the main goal when we work with someone - and we have managed to achieve great results with a whole range of clientel. (see gallery for transformation examples) - These are done by looking at a client’s week as a whole and then deciding what the best course of action is, whether that be solely working on improving strength, or increasing daily activity, improving their nutrition or all of these things combined.

In addition to working on a physique transformation we will also work to achieve movement goals. This means combining strength, mobility and skill - being able to perform the squat, deadlift and hip thrust with perfect form is a goal for everyone we work with. We also then spend a lot of time coaching body-weight strength including chin ups, press ups, dips, inverted rows, split squats to name just a few.


Initial Consultation

By appointment, £30. We will review your goals, perform some basic assessments, and discuss the different options available to you. I’ll offer advice and guidance to help you begin the process of improving your fitness.


One to one training - £60 a session with head coach AdMac, £45 a session with coach Marta or Larrie through a monthly contract or block of ten sessions.


Semi private training - Two people together, £75 a session, through a monthly contract or a block of ten sessions.



Sessions are an hour long.

adam marta.jpg

Coach AdMac + Coach Marta


Classes are a great way of still accessing quality coaching but at a cheaper rate.  Currently we have the Monday evening strength and HIIT class running. This is a tough workout but is for all abilities. We can cater the exercises for a complete beginner and we work hard to make sure the classes aren’t intimidating for new people or being new to fitness.



Monday 6.30-7.30pm Power Circuits (indoors) ALL YEAR ROUND

- Pay as you go option - £12 a class for Monday,

  • Coach AdMac also sends out monthly deals via a whatsapp broadcast, for example £27.50 for all 4 Mondays in March was the most recent. Ask to be added to the list to receive updates on this.

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Bow E3 Victoria Park Personal Training London