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Whether to use scales

Using the scales as a marker of progress isn’t for everyone. It can be a great tool for some people and we do use it in the studio for a lot of clients. However, if after discussions with a client it seems as though they would get fixated on the scales as the ONLY marker for progress OR if they have experienced stress in the past from using scales then we would chose not to use them. Using them alongside photos, strength markers, food/calorie tracking. daily activity tracking can be really effective if its understood that the scales may stay the same (or sometimes go up) but we are still heading in the right direction based on the other markers.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help you with your goals, feel free to call AdMac for a chat on 07921465108.

AdMac Fitness has expanded

We are now a team of three - consisting of AdMac and the fantastic female trainers Marta and Larrie. We are focussed on bringing high quality personal training, putting the clients’ needs first using strength training to help lose body fat, strengthen joints and improve confidence.

If you are at all interested in seeing what we do please contact AdMac on to book in a trial session.

We are based opposite Bow Church DLR, 5 minutes walk from Bow Road station.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Where to start with bodyweight strength/skill acquisition.

This is hugely dependent on your level of fitness, how often you train and where this lies in your fitness priorities.

However, if you are interested in learning some bodyweight strength exercises but dont know where to start my advice would be to start on one skill for 2-4 months. I made the mistake of trying to learn too many exercises at the same time and progress was slow with a lot of them.

If you train 4-5 times a week, a good place to start would be to complete 4 sets 3 times a week. (If you train less you could start with just twice a week.) Each week you can add a set on per workout until you are up to 24-30 total sets per week. 

As you get stronger, although you are adding more sets per workout, you'll find each set less taxing and therefore will be able to handle more volume. After 2-4 months, or if you are able to complete the skill, you can decrease the sets to just 'maintain' the strengrh it requires to complete the skill and then use the same philisophy to work on a new skill. 

Bootcamp going through the winter!

Bootcamp is still going strong, dont be afraid of the cold! Wrap up warm and come and get a workout in to start your weekend off right! 

Bootcamp is still going strong, dont be afraid of the cold! Wrap up warm and come and get a workout in to start your weekend off right! 

Fatigue and stress management

Whether its fatigue or stress, old habits tend to return when control is decreased. This is why striving for balance should be a case of working towards preventing sleep deprivation, not allowing yourself to get too hungry, not overloading your schedule and priotising food shopping/cooking/preparation.

Nothing magic in this advice, but factors that take time and a lot of effort to cement into ones 'normal' routine.



Monday evening HIIT and abs 6.30-7.30pm indoors

I've moved the Monday night class indoors in my studio and have made it an hour long, condensing the HIIT and abs into one.

Next week will be the third week of the class - its pretty intense!

Coach AdMac

Bow, East London Personal Training, class and bootcamps.


Thursday 7-8pm Power Circuits inside my studio. This class has a 14 people capacity. Think battle ropes, TRX, kettlebells, slam balls, dumbbells.

This is booked on a first come first serve basis and already looks like it wil be very popular!

Email to book.

Strength training

Here you can see my client Sarah doing a Bulgarian split squat with a kettlebell loaded on the opposite arm to that of the leg that is being worked. This means the glutes have to work that bit harder to stop the knee collapsing in. In addition to this, the video on instagram will show how we were getting Sarah to pause at the bottom of the movement and ensure her hip was as low as her knee. These cues mean her glutes have to really work to control the movement - quite often i see this exercise done almost exclusively using the thigh muscle. Good coaching allows you to target the muscles you want to work in a safe manner.


My studio is based in the Bow Business Centre, E3.

Fitness doesn't have to be a chore!

An important part of the AdMac brand is learning new skills whilst training. I start every session with a skill element, whether it be juggling, skipping, boxing, handstands, yoga or calisthenics:- now this isn't just because i'm a looney, i've found clients enjoy sessions more when they are working towards something more than just a body goal. And guess what, enjoying sessions leads to a better adherence rate to training - which means they actually do a better job of hitting those fitness goals!


Coach AdMac

Bow, E3 based Personal Training, classes and bootcamps.

Bow Bootcamp

Working the hamstrings with the clan down in Grove Hall Park, E3. Practice makes perfect with this.

Bootcamps, personal training and classes.  AdMac

Pistol squats

One of the bodyweight exercises that requires a great deal of strength and mobility. This is something i practice twice a week and encorporate into a lot of my sessions with clients.

Simple recipe for those body goals!

-instil a 'slight bit' of discipline with the food and drink you consume

- but then aim for COMPLETE dedication to your training

Aim for these two week in, week out and watch your body take shape

Put another way, dont get too hung up on the two gin and tonics you had in the sun Tuesday evening... those 100/150 calories arent going to ruin your week - however do have a word with yourself if you are skipping your training.

Discipline with your training = freedom in other areas of your life.



Personal training, bootcamps and classes in Bow, East London.

Shuttle runs and partner races

Added some variety this week to the Saturday bootcamp. Due to the wet weather we went in the beautiful garden area of Grove Hall Park and included did a section on shuttle running. The feedback was positive and i think you can tell they enjoyed themselves...


Personal training, bootcamps and classes available in Bow, East London.

New midweek abs class!

Due to the success of the bootcamp on a Saturday morning, there is going to be a new midweek abs class outdoor in Grove Hall Park, Fairfield Road, Bow E3.

This will be 45 minutes of working your abs in every concieveable angle, to both improve your core strength but also develop the muscle tissue in your abdomninals and obliques. 

This will be running from June until September,  come and get involved!


Games, squats and splits practice at bootcamp this weekend

Another great turnout this weekend. 11 lovely ladies and an exciteable cockapoo! Some silly games mixed in with some hard work, plenty of drinks breaks and an entertaining coffee with a couple of the group down at the gallery cafe. Fun start to the weekend. 

Bow Bootcamp

Bootcamp on tomorrow 10-10.45am Grove Hall Park, off Fairfield Road.

Looking to lose weight? Don't ignore hunger!

Dieting shouldn't mean ignoring actual hunger - moreover if you are serious about losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF in the long term you need to get your approach correct.

Get this "how many pounds can i lose in a week" mantraout of your head. This on its own doesn't correlate with long term weight loss and isn't the right factor to base your success on.

Learning how to eat with control - being mindful of portion sizes, choosing mainly good quality food groups, allowing yourself some deliberate flexbility and sticking with this week in week out - should be your focus. 

Where is a good place to start with all of this? Putting consistent effort into your food shopping, meal preparation and cooking is a good idea.

Coach AdMac

For personal training which includes nutrtional coaching, find me in the Bow Business Centre, E3.

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